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I have defined a new dialog and its controls in an already existing resource file. I have also created a new file which will handle the events being generated from this dialog. But I am not sure how to connect these two.


Is the statement enum { IDD=IDD_NEW_DIALOG }; all that is required to connect the two? Or should we add some other statement?

語句是枚舉{IDD = IDD_NEW_DIALOG};連接這兩個所需的一切?或者我們應該添加一些其他聲明?

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The way this is usually done in MFC is to define a dialog template in the resource editor (as you've done), then in C++ derive a class from CDialog and associate it with the dialog template (which it sounds like you've done - it's not entirely clear).

這通常在MFC中完成的方法是在資源編輯器中定義一個對話框模板(就像你已經完成的那樣),然后在C ++中從CDialog派生一個類並將它與對話框模板相關聯(聽起來你已經完成了) - 它並不完全清楚)。

What actually associates the two is the constructor for your CDialog code. If you look at dialog related code auto-generated by the MFC class wizard, you'll see in the constructor implementation something like this:


CMyDlg::CMyDlg(CWnd* pParent /*=NULL*/) : CDialog(CMyDlg::IDD, pParent)

where CMyDlg::IDD is defined as an enumeration with a value of your new dialog template's identifier. It's this that makes it all happen, not the declaration of the enum. You could modify it to

其中CMyDlg :: IDD被定義為具有新對話框模板標識符值的枚舉。這就是讓一切都發生,而不是枚舉的聲明。你可以修改它

CMyDlg::CMyDlg(CWnd* pParent /*=NULL*/) : CDialog(IDD_NEW_DIALOG, pParent)

and it will still work (assuming IDD_NEW_DIALOG is the template id of your dialog in the resources), as all that's happening is the dialog id is being passed into the constructor.


In general, it's always worth remembering that, despite initial appearances, MFC does not bind to Windows through bits of compiler magic - it's all done with C++ and a few macros.

一般來說,總是值得記住的是,盡管初次出現,MFC並沒有通過編譯器魔法綁定到Windows - 它都是用C ++和一些宏完成的。

EDIT: DIALOGEX and DIALOG declare slightly difference dialog resource formats that Windows understands: the former is newer than the latter. However both have been around since at least Windows 95, so it's not a very significant distinction.

編輯:DIALOGEX和DIALOG聲明Windows理解的略有不同的對話框資源格式:前者比后者更新。但是至少從Windows 95開始,兩者都存在,因此它並不是一個非常重要的區別。



That's all that is needed when you create the dialog through the dialog class (DoModal(), or Create for a non-modal dialog), which is the normal way to go.


You of course need to inherit from CDialog, and add a message map to route the messages to your ewvent handler functions.




Use class wizard to create a class for newly created dialog. ctrl+w is the shortcut key from UI resource view.

使用類向導為新創建的對話框創建類。 ctrl + w是UI資源視圖中的快捷鍵。



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