[英]What is the difference between 'a and '_l?

What is the difference between 'a and '_l?


I was looking at this error, and couldn't comprehend it:


Error: This expression has type ('a -> float polynomial) list but an expression was expected of type float polynomial list derivlist: ('_l → float polynomial) list

2 个解决方案



_ denotes a weakly polymorphic variable : it is in a position where it cannot be generalized.


There are two explanations related to weak polymorphism in the OCaml FAQ: see A function obtained through partial application is not polymorphic enough and the next one.


This generally happens when you're using a non-local reference (whose type cannot be generalized), or when defining polymorphic functions that are not syntactically functions (they do not begin with fun x -> .. but rather a function application). In some cases there is an easy fix (eta-expansion, see the FAQ), sometimes there isn't, and sometimes your program was just unsound.

當您使用非本地引用(其類型不能被一般化)或定義非語法函數的多態函數時,通常會發生這種情況(它們不是以有趣的x ->開頭的)。而是一個函數應用程序。在某些情況下,有一個簡單的修復(eta擴展,常見問題解答),有時沒有,有時你的程序只是不健全的。

An easy example : let a = ref [] does not get the polymorphic a list ref type. Otherwise you could use both as a int list and a bool list, and mix elements of different types by mutating the reference. It instead get a '_a list ref type. This mean that the type is not polymorphic, but merely unknown. Once you do something with a with a particular type, it fixes '_a once and for all.

一個簡單的例子:讓a = ref[]沒有得到多態的列表ref類型。否則,您可以將二者作為int列表和bool列表使用,並通過更改引用來混合不同類型的元素。它會得到一個'_a列表ref類型。這意味着類型不是多態性的,但僅僅是未知的。一旦你用一個特定的類型做了某件事,它就會一次又一次地修復“_a”。

# let a = ref [];;
val a : '_a list ref = {contents = []}
# let sum_of_a = List.fold_left (+) 0 !a;;
val sum_of_a : int = 0
# a;;
- : int list ref = {contents = []}

For an in-depth explanation of value restriction and the "relaxed" value restriction actually implemented in the OCaml type checker, see the Relaxing the Value Restriction paper by Jacques Garrigue (2004).

對於OCaml類型檢查中實際實現的價值限制和“放松”價值限制的深入解釋,請參見Jacques Garrigue(2004)對價值限制文件的放松。



There is a weak type variable in the error message from the compiler, but I am not sure that the weak variable is related to the error (I do not see how the status of the type variable could be the cause of this message).


Are you sure that you are not defining two types polynomial? That's the question just above the two pointed out by gashe in his answer in the FAQ ("Error message: a type is not compatible with itself").




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