appcache不再工作 - 不加載離線

[英]appcache not working any more - not loading offline

I have tested my website thoroughly offline (just using localhost). And I have never had a problem with appcache - such that I could load my website, disconnect my phone from the wi-fi, reload the website and I could still view it.

我已經徹底脫機測試了我的網站(只使用localhost)。我從來沒有遇到appcache的問題 - 這樣我就可以加載我的網站,斷開我的手機與Wi-Fi的連接,重新加載網站,我仍然可以查看它。

Now I have put my website online (ie. - the code is exactly the same - and I try the same thing.

現在我把我的網站放在網上(即 - 代碼完全一樣 - 我嘗試了同樣的事情。

It will just not work. Chrome on my phone says wi-fi and mobile are unavailable and the page can't be loaded.


I just don't understand. Is there anything that anyone can think of that is different about working locally to working on a remote server?


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If anyone else has this problem in the future, check your paths in .appcache


In turned out that the change between local and online (ie. vs meant that the / I had in the first line of my manifest was pointing to different locations on both local and online.

事實證明,本地和在線之間的變化(即10.0.0.10/myapp/Symfony/mobile vs意味着我在清單第一行中的/我指向本地和本地的不同位置和在線。



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