Android Studio中的GPU驅動程序問題

[英]GPU Driver Issue in Android Studio

GPU Driver Issue

Recently I am getting this error while running the emulator.I deleted and then re-created a new AVD but it didn't work as well and still showing me the same error. It's happening over all the projects and I have also noticed a performance drop while running the AVD.


1 个解决方案



Open Device Manger and delete Intel HD Graphics (check "Delete drivers" in popup). When ask reboot-ask No. Now U can use Emulator ).

打開設備管理器並刪除Intel HD Graphics(選中彈出窗口中的“刪除驅動程序”)。當問問重啟時 - 問問號碼。現在你可以使用模擬器)。

P.S. This action maybe need after every reboot. Or U can try disable automatic driver updates. I think this maybe helpfull - (not test this, because rarely reboot PC)

附:每次重啟后都可能需要執行此操作。或者U可以嘗試禁用自動驅動程序更新。我認為這可能有用 -不測試這個,因為很少重啟PC)



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