客戶端tortoisesvn 1.8.12

服務器端win32svn 1.8.16


use svn on windows software from officail website:  
       click link "Win32Svn" and "TortoiseSVN"
2.first install "Setup-Subversion-1.8.14.msi",second install "TortoiseSVN-" (32bit windows)
3.repeat on operating system. svntortoise "create repository here", a folder named "server" in d:/ ,  run cmd:  svnserve.exe -d -r d:/sever
5.edit the file d:/server/conf/passwd   ,add a username "rain" and password "asdf";
# harry = harryssecret
# sally = sallyssecret
rain = asdf
6.edit the file d:/server/conf/svnserve.conf           
### Uncomment the line below to use the default password file.
password-db = passwd
7.create first user's folder "china" ,then open it,
 add a demo file "index.php",edit it;
 click context menu "add+"
 then "commit" it with context menu.
 enter the repository url"svn://localhost",
8.create second user's folder "australia",then open it ,click checkout on context menu.
9.edit index.php in the "australia",then add+,commit it. the folder "china", click context menu "SVN Update" in the blank .we will look the chane file "index.php"

update working copy
edit confict
"use this user's text block"
merged file can add new code .
then the merged file are green ,not red"????",click confict resoved.
summary click context menu usually keyword    folderblank"SVN Update"     folderBlank"SVN submit"
file"SVN Commit"   file"edit confict"    file"confict resouved"    file_toroise"delete"
first update whole folder,then submit local changed file. can reduce conflict.this sort operation can auto merge some code.




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