[英]Better interface for file downloads and uploads from a web page?

I have what seems like a typical usage scenario for users downloading, editing and uploading a document from a web page.


  1. User clicks a link to download a document
  2. 用戶單擊鏈接以下載文檔

  3. User edits downloaded file
  4. 用戶編輯下載的文件

  5. User saves the file
  6. 用戶保存文件

  7. User goes back to the web page and uploads the new file with the changes
  8. 用戶返回到網頁並上傳包含更改的新文件

The problem is that downloaded files are typically saved in a temporary directory, so it can be difficult to find the file after it is saved. The application is for very non-technical users, and I can already imagine the problems with saved files being lost or the wrong versions being uploaded.


Is there a better way? Things I've thought about:


  1. Using Google Docs or something similar. Problems: forcing users to use new application with less features, importing legacy content, setting up accounts for everyone to edit a file.
  2. 使用Google Docs或類似的東西。問題:強制用戶使用功能較少的新應用程序,導入舊內容,為每個人設置帳戶以編輯文件。

  3. Using WebDAV to serve the files. Not sure how this would work exactly, but seems like it should be possible
  4. 使用WebDAV來提供文件。不確定這將如何工作,但似乎應該是可能的

  5. Some kind of Flash or Java app that manages downloads and uploads. Not sure if these even exist.
  6. 某種管理下載和上傳的Flash或Java應用程序。不確定這些是否存在。

  7. User education :)
  8. 用戶教育:)

If it matters, the files will be mostly Word and Powerpoint documents.


3 个解决方案


Actually, despite the fact that you have more flexibility with AJAX in developing application, the problem of uploading multiple files is not solved yet.


To the thoughts you've mentioned in your question:


  1. Google Docs: Online apps like Google docs are certainly appealing for certain use cases. However, if you'd like to upload Word and Powerpoint slides, you don't want the content to be changed once you've uploaded the document. The problem is that Google Docs uses its own data format and therefore changes some of the formats. If you go for an online app, I'd go for a Document Management Solution. I'm sure there are plenty (even free ones) out there; however, I didn't use any on them yet.

    Google文檔:Google文檔等在線應用對某些用例肯定具有吸引力。但是,如果您要上載Word和Powerpoint幻燈片,則不希望在上載文檔后更改內容。問題是Google Docs使用自己的數據格式,因此會更改某些格式。如果您使用在線應用程序,我會選擇文檔管理解決方案。我相信那里有很多(甚至是免費的);但是,我還沒有使用它們。

  2. WebDAV It is possible and seems to me like the best solution. You can embed WebDav like any directory. Documents are locked until a user releases the document. Unfortunately, you don't have a web front end to manage the files or administer access restrictions. It


  3. Flash or Java app They do exist, for sure. I'd prefer Flash over Java since Flash Apps still run smoother within a browser. I would definitely not use a rich application, even if it is a Java Web Start app that can be downloaded and opens in a separate window. More and more, users seem to accept browser based web applications. Which brings me to point 4:

    Flash或Java應用程序它們確實存在。我更喜歡Flash over Java,因為Flash Apps在瀏覽器中仍然運行得更順暢。我肯定不會使用豐富的應用程序,即使它是一個可以下載並在單獨窗口中打開的Java Web Start應用程序。用戶似乎越來越接受基於瀏覽器的Web應用程序。這讓我想到了第4點:

  4. User education You can educate them, sure. But in the end you want them to want to use the system. Most often, users get easily used to a tool. However, if they don't like the tool, they're not going to use it.



Clear instructions to save to their desktop is a start. Then clear instructions to go to the desktop to re-up it. I've not run across an online MSWord viewer/editor or whatever format the file is, but I'm sure they exist, now that Google Docs and a few other online versions of MSOffice exist.

清除指令以保存到桌面是一個開始。然后清除說明以轉到桌面重新啟動它。我沒有遇到過在線MSWord查看器/編輯器或該文件的任何格式,但我確信它們存在,現在已經存在Google Docs和一些其他在線版本的MSOffice。


I would make sure that there are easy to follow instructions, plus a tutorial somewhere else (perhaps with a video too) to guide users through the process.




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