XHTML / CSS:為什么Firefox搞砸了我的水平標簽菜單?

[英]XHTML/CSS: Why does Firefox mess up my horizontal tab menu?

Problem page: http://www.antisit.com


Stylesheet: http://www.antisit.com/styles.css

Any idea how to make this work in Firefox? (It appears as if the right tab image is being pushed below the link, as if there weren't enough room for it within the anchor element.

知道如何在Firefox中使用它嗎? (看起來好像正確的標簽圖像被推到鏈接下方,好像在錨元素中沒有足夠的空間。

Also, the reason that I'm using two tags is that I prefer using less image data to having neater code. If you have any suggestions for a better way, let me know.


Thanks, John

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You can try this markup:


<a href="http://www.antisit.com/articles">
  <span class="left"></span>
  <span class="right"></span>

Seems to work fine in Firefox with firebug although I haven't tried anywhere else. Unfortunately, order shouldn't matter but it does sometimes. :(

似乎在Firefox中使用firebug可以正常工作,盡管我還沒有在其他任何地方嘗試過。不幸的是,訂單無關緊要,但有時確實如此。 :(



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