Azure手機應用程序節點。js后台Android客戶端- 50行限制

[英]Azure Mobile App node.js backend Android client - 50 row limit

I have been trying to get over the 50 rows result returned by Azure mobile app, but no success so far. I have tried the following: a. Top(100), Skip(100) -> this solution is not useful to me in my context. b. Someone suggested to increase the pageSize to 200 in the app.js which I tried - but this did not work. I still got only 50 rows returned.

我一直在努力克服Azure移動應用程序返回的50行結果,但到目前為止還沒有成功。我試過以下方法:a. Top(100), Skip(100) ->在我的上下文中,這個解決方案對我沒有幫助。b.有人建議在app.js中增加pageSize到200,但這沒有用。我仍然只返回了50行。

Any pointers on how to resolve this? Thanks in advance. - Sankar


2 个解决方案



According the source code of table operations of Mobile Apps in node.js, the read operation ultimately receives context.query which is a queryjs object, which contains a take() function which can limit the number of items returned to the specified number.


Additionally, the take() function is contained in the mobile app server sdk, so it doesn't work on your client end code.


You can do some modification on your Easy Tables scripts, E.G.

您可以對簡單的表腳本進行一些修改,例如 (context) {
    return context.execute();



In app.js add the following line:


var mobileApp = azureMobileApps({
    pageSize: 200



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