[英]Feed Reader updates (Eg Google Reader or Bloglines)

What is the method through which online feed reader sites like google reader updates its feed is it cron or something else.


Sorry if question is too basic i am still a novice in programming.


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cron or something else


That's actually right to the point. The basic idea is that you need to run non-user-triggered scheduled work in the application to update the feeds, and how this is done depends very much on the server environment and the web framework. In a LAMP application it might be cron, in ASP.NET it might be a Windows Service or a Scheduled Task. Some web frameworks, like Ruby on Rails, have specialized modules for this.

這實際上是正確的。基本思想是您需要在應用程序中運行非用戶觸發的計划工作來更新提要,以及如何完成這些工作很大程度上取決於服務器環境和Web框架。在LAMP應用程序中,它可能是cron,在ASP.NET中它可能是Windows服務或計划任務。一些Web框架,如Ruby on Rails,有專門的模塊。

Your only real obstacle will be finding a way to run code that is not the result of a user requesting a resource from your server.




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