[英]Django: RSS and ATOM feeds Content-Type header?

I followed along this tutorial for django's RSS and ATOM feeds and I got it to work.


However the test development server keeps making the browser download the feeds as a file instead of the browser detecting it as an xml document.


My experience with HTTP tells me that there is a missing mime type in the Content-Type header.


How do I specify that in django?


5 个解决方案


There is a comment in the Everyblock source code about this.


They define a class that replaces the mime type of the standard Django feed like so:

它們定義了一個替換標准Django feed的mime類型的類,如下所示:

# RSS feeds powered by Django's syndication framework use MIME type
# 'application/rss+xml'. That's unacceptable to us, because that MIME type
# prompts users to download the feed in some browsers, which is confusing.
# Here, we set the MIME type so that it doesn't do that prompt.
class CorrectMimeTypeFeed(Rss201rev2Feed):
    mime_type = 'application/xml'

# This is a django.contrib.syndication.feeds.Feed subclass whose feed_type
# is set to our preferred MIME type.
class EbpubFeed(Feed):
    feed_type = CorrectMimeTypeFeed


Are you using the available view for rss? This is what I have in my - and I am not setting anything about mimetypes:

你使用rss的可用視圖嗎?這就是我在urls.py中的內容 - 而且我沒有設置任何關於mimetypes的內容:

urlpatterns += patterns('',
    (r'^feeds/(?P<url>.*)/$', 'django.contrib.syndication.views.feed', {'feed_dict': published_feeds}, 'view_name')`,

where published_feeds is something like


class LatestNewsFeed(Feed):
    def get_object(self, bits):

    def title(self, obj):
      return "Feed title"

    def link(self, obj):
      if not obj:
        return FeedDoesNotExist
      return slugify(obj[0])

    def description(self, obj):
      return "Feed description"

    def items(self, obj):
      return obj[1]

published_feeds = {'mlist': LatestNewsFeed}


When you create an HTTPReponse object you can specify its content-type:



Or whatever the content type actually is.




I guess the problem was with the Camino browser on OS X, not with the HTTP header and mime type.

我想問題是OS X上的Camino瀏覽器,而不是HTTP頭和mime類型。

When I tried on Safari, it worked.



I still encountered this problem, 9 years later with Firefox and Django 2.1.

我仍然遇到這個問題,9年后使用Firefox和Django 2.1。

The solutions above didn't cut it, so I ended up using this:


class XMLFeed(Feed):
    def get_feed(self, obj, request):
        feedgen = super().get_feed(obj, request)
        feedgen.content_type = 'application/xml; charset=utf-8'
        return feedgen

Using this class instead of Feed sets the mime-type to 'application/xml' as wanted.

使用此類而不是Feed將mime-type設置為“application / xml”。



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