[英]VB6 auto completion (intellisense) is suddenly taking forever

VB6 just added a new "feature" right out of the blue: every time I declare a variable, property or function, when I reach the "as" keyword, VB has a fit and hogs the cpu for almost a minute.


Anyone knows what this might be? I turned off all plugins (AxTools, MzTools), restarted VB, rebooted, and still nothing.


This is incredibly annoying, and there's no way I can get anything done this way. Any help would be really appreciated.


1 个解决方案


If I were you I'd get a copy of Sysinternals Filemon utility (or Procmon if it's appropriate) and see if you can figure out which files VB6's Intellisense is accessing. Then I would rename then to different names so the VB6 intellisense mechanism might re-create them and see if that fixes anything. Just a suggestion.

如果我是你,我會得到一份Sysinternals Filemon實用程序(或Procmon,如果合適的話),看看你是否可以找出VB6的Intellisense正在訪問哪些文件。然后我會重命名為不同的名稱,因此VB6 intellisense機制可能會重新創建它們,看看是否修復了任何東西。只是一個建議。



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