Emacs會說統計數據循環通過R for循環就像一個真正的調試器嗎?

[英]Could Emacs Speaks Statistics loop through a R for loop like a real debugger?

I am a happy user of ESS for coding and debugging R code. I have found a elusive bug recently deeply inside several for loops and ifs structures.


Is there any way of having ESS selectively travel the if/else structures or loop for all the values in a for loop?.

有沒有辦法讓ESS有選擇地移動if / else結構或循環for for循環中的所有值?

Does R or ESS have debugger mode where you can skip else clauses, loop the values and step into, step through, return etc?




Thanks @jubba for the link to the other SO question about debugging tools for R-language. At the end this was my real question. This other thread give the links for the kind of things that I wanted to know about the way of doing debugging in the current R.


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There has been a more general question about debugging in R on Stackoverflow :


Debugging tools for the R language


One answer by Davor Cubranic points to ess-tracebug which is, according to its website, "An emacs package for interactive debugging and error tracing in ESS". I've never used it myself, but it may be useful to you :

Davor Cubranic的一個答案指向ess-tracebug,根據其網站,“用於ESS中的交互式調試和錯誤跟蹤的emacs包”。我自己從未使用它,但它可能對您有用:





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