[英]Is there a limit of the number of aliases (globally and/or per index) in elasticsearch?

I'm starting to study elasticsearch for my project. Specifically version 1.5. I'm considering using aliases to abstract client apps from the intricacies of index setup. I might end up with 20 to 50 indexes and 10 to 30 aliases per indexes. This would amount to 1500 aliases.


I wonder if there is a limit in the number of aliases per indexes and or per cluster.


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In Elasticsearch source code I see aliases are referenced as String[]. And arrays in Java seem to have quite a large size and I wouldn't worry about 1500 aliases :-).

在Elasticsearch源代碼中,我看到別名被引用為String []。 Java中的數組似乎有相當大的規模,我不會擔心1500個別名:-)。

What I would worry about, though, is the cluster state. Elasticsearch nodes share between them the entire cluster state which contains all the mappings, all the aliases, templates etc. A large cluster state means more data to be moved around on the network and more time to process/ingest the updated cluster state. 1500 aliases doesn't sound too bad.

但是,我擔心的是群集狀態。 Elasticsearch節點在它們之間共享整個集群狀態,其中包含所有映射,所有別名,模板等。大型集群狀態意味着要在網絡上移動更多數據,並且有更多時間來處理/接收更新的集群狀態。 1500個別名聽起來不太糟糕。



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