NSWindow - 無邊框,透明窗口 - 動畫窗口高度時閃爍的陰影

[英]NSWindow - borderless, transparent window - flickering shadow when animating window height

Here's another NSWindow question ... I've got borderless window, transparent, which is created in this way ...


- (id)initWithView:(NSView *)view anchorPoint:(NSPoint)anchorPoint position:(NSPoint)position distance:(CGFloat)distance {
  if ( !view ) {
    return nil;

  NSSize size = view.intrinsicContentSize;
  NSRect contentRect = NSMakeRect( 0, 0, size.width, size.height );

  self = [super initWithContentRect:contentRect

  if ( !self ) {
    return nil;

  _windowView = view;
  _anchorPoint = anchorPoint;
  _position = position;
  _distance = distance;

  [self setContentView:_windowView];

  [self setExcludedFromWindowsMenu:YES];
  [self setMovableByWindowBackground:NO];

  [self setOpaque:NO];
  [self setBackgroundColor:[NSColor clearColor]];

  [self setHasShadow:YES];
  [self useOptimizedDrawing:YES];

  [self setReleasedWhenClosed:NO];

  [self setFrame:[self windowRectWithSize:contentRect.size] display:YES];

  [self setAnchorAttribute:NSLayoutAttributeTop forOrientation:NSLayoutConstraintOrientationVertical];
  [self setAnchorAttribute:NSLayoutAttributeCenterX forOrientation:NSLayoutConstraintOrientationHorizontal];

  [[NSNotificationCenter defaultCenter] addObserver:self

  return self;

... and viewFrameDidChange: is defined as ...


- (void)viewFrameDidChange:(NSNotification *)note {
  if ( note.object != self.contentView ) {

  [self display];
  [self setHasShadow:NO];
  [self setHasShadow:YES];

... this is the only way to have proper NSWindow shadow. In other words, whenever window size changes, I have to call display, setHasShadow:NO and setHasShadow:YES otherwise the window shadow is crippled - it's not around the whole window - just part of the window, etc.

......這是獲得適當的NSWindow陰影的唯一方法。換句話說,每當窗口大小改變時,我必須調用display,setHasShadow:NO和setHasShadow:YES否則窗口陰影被削弱 - 它不在整個窗口周圍 - 只是窗口的一部分,等等。

This does work until I start animating height. If height is animated, shadow is correctly recalculated and displayed, but the whole window & shadow is flickering and it's pretty ugly.


An idea why the shadow is flickering? I tried to replace display, setHasShadow:NO/YES with [self invalidateShadow], but it doesn't work at all and shadow is displayed in a wrong way.

一個想法為什么陰影閃爍?我嘗試用[self invalidateShadow]替換display,setHasShadow:NO / YES,但它根本不起作用,陰影以錯誤的方式顯示。

How one should animate window height with shadow in borderless/transparent window to avoid flickering?


Here's the video of the flickering shadow. http://d.pr/v/lbkQ

這是閃爍陰影的視頻。 http://d.pr/v/lbkQ

2 个解决方案



The shadow calculation and drawing is a very resource-consuming operation. So I wouldn't recommend you to invalidate and recalculate the shadow each time the frame changes. Besides, NSWindowDelegate has a –windowDidResize: method, so why using observer?


  1. How do you get your window resized? Maybe adding NSResizableWindowMask to the window's style mask will do the trick? You should give it a try.


  2. Another suggestion - check that the content of your window resizes correctly along with the window. You set your window to transparent. But if there is no content inside the window, no shadow is displayed. You can also try to add your view as a subview to the existing window's contentView instead of replacing it.

    另一個建議 - 檢查窗口內容是否與窗口一起正確調整大小。您將窗口設置為透明。但如果窗口內沒有內容,則不顯示陰影。您還可以嘗試將視圖作為子視圖添加到現有窗口的contentView,而不是替換它。

I have almost the same setup in my project and I can tell that window's shadow is displayed correctly when you resize the window.


P.S. A recommendation: do not rely on 'self' in the initialization method of the object. It may be yet not fully ready for use. Init with minimum, adjust the window after it was creater in your controller (for example, you cannot be sure that setFrame:display will do what you expect with correct sizes). The glitch you have might be related to this also.




Maybe it's better to switch off shadow at the beginning of the animation and back on when you are done. Do not switch this setting during animation. I thought I have seen this also with other windows.




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