mac os x的CMake 2.8.10安裝失敗

[英]CMake 2.8.10 installation for mac os x fails creating symlinks

I am updating Cmake in my Mac Book pro with OS X Lion 10.7.5. The old version of Cmake is 2.8.8 and the new one is 2.8.10. When I run almost to the end of the installation process, the installer prompts for creating a Symlink to /usr/bin of several tools. After click on continue, the installer throws an exception telling that couldn't create symlinks. Previously of the process, I've moved to trash the old version of Cmake and then using finder I got nothing more files of Cmake on the machine. Any idea how Can I complete the installation succesfully?

我正在更新我的Mac Book pro和OS X Lion 10.7.5。Cmake的老版本是2.8.8,新版本是2.8.10。當我幾乎運行到安裝過程的末尾時,安裝程序會提示您創建幾個工具的/usr/bin的符號鏈接。單擊continue之后,安裝程序拋出一個異常,說明無法創建符號鏈接。在此過程之前,我已經刪除了舊版本的Cmake,然后使用finder,我在機器上沒有更多的Cmake文件。你知道我怎樣才能成功地完成安裝嗎?

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In my case, attempting to install cmake 2.8.12 on OSX 10.8.5 failed. The cmake- installer downloaded directly from would hang while running the post install scripts. I found and removed all the symlinks described by willyMon, but it still would hang, requiring me to resort to ps + kill to unhang the installer.

在我的例子中,試圖在OSX 10.8.5上安裝cmake 2.8.12失敗。cmake-。dmg安裝程序直接從cmake.org下載,運行后安裝腳本。我找到並刪除了willyMon描述的所有符號鏈接,但它仍然會掛起,需要我使用ps + kill來卸載安裝程序。

For me, installing via brew did the trick:


brew install cmake

It installed in /usr/local/bin without a hitch.




Opening the Applications folder in a terminal


cd /
cd Applications/

then doing:


sudo bash

Then run from the CMake GUI: "Tools->Install For Command Line Use"

然后從CMake GUI運行:“工具—用於命令行使用的>安裝”

works OK for me.




Ok, after looking in deep for this error, I found that I missed some simple detail and this was the key to solve the problem. The Cpack installer of Cmake try to create symbolic links to this files:


-cmake-gui -cmakexbuild -cmake -cpack -ctest

-cmake -cmake -cpack -ctest。

So, from a terminal I've removed all the previous Symlinks that the older version created, then I ran the installer again and the installation was done succesfully without any errors or warnings.




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