TI C66x DSP中斷類型及其優先級

There are four types of interrupts on the CPU.

• Reset

• Maskable

• Nonmaskable

• Exception(異常也可視為中斷)

These first three types are differentiated by theirpriorities. Thereset interrupt has the highest priority and corresponds to the RESET signal. Thenonmaskable interrupt (NMI) has the second highest priority and corresponds to the NMI signal. The lowest priority interrupts are interrupts 4-15 corresponding to theINT4-INT15 signals. RESET, NMI, and some of the INT4-INT15 signals are mapped to pins on C6000 devices.

The CPU supports exceptions as another type of interrupt. When exceptions are enabled, the NMI input behaves as an exception.

Priority    Interrupt Name    Interrupt Type
Highest     Reset                 Reset
                   NMI                     Nonmaskable
                   INT4                   Maskable
                   INT5                   Maskable
                   INT6                   Maskable
                   INT7                   Maskable
                   INT8                   Maskable
                   INT9                   Maskable
                   INT10                 Maskable
                   INT11                 Maskable
                   INT12                 Maskable
                   INT13                 Maskable
                   INT14                 Maskable
Lowest     INT15                  Maskable

在基於OSEck RTOS的TI C66x DSP系統中, 這些中斷的優先級將高於所有user定義的APP進程(即prioritied process),從而使中斷能夠在第一時間處理。



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