您是否已將.NET計算應用程序部署到Windows Azure之外的雲中?

[英]Have you deployed .NET computing applications to clouds outside Windows Azure?

I'm interested in running CPU-intensive computations in clouds. The only real requirement is ability to run .NET applications (F# algorythms like this one) with enough security permissions for using reflection-based IoC Container. Persistence technology does not really matter as long as something is there.


I'd like to know of your experiences running .NET applications in clouds like Azure, EC2, Mosso, and others, if they exist (what are they?).


  • does it support both .NET? Mono?
  • 它是否支持.NET?單?

  • what is the management API like?
  • 什么是管理API?

  • how has the performance been?
  • 表現如何?

  • other experiences

My feeling is that Windows Azure, lacking any cloud management API, can’t even be called a cloud yet.

我的感覺是,缺乏任何雲管理API的Windows Azure甚至都不能稱為雲。

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I am currently in the process of developing/releasing (sort of in pre-beta atm) a .net application to EC2. I have elected to go the linux route so am using mono. It has been a huge learning curve as the environment is so different to what I have been used to.

我目前正在開發/發布(在pre-beta atm中)一個.net應用程序到EC2。我已經選擇了linux路由,所以我正在使用mono。這是一個巨大的學習曲線,因為環境與我以前的環境有很大不同。

My main issues have been learning the intricacies of mono - it is .net but it is different. You tend to come across bugs from time to time and slight differences in the way things work. Also the setup and installing is totally different to anything on windows.

我的主要問題是學習單聲道的復雜性 - 它是.net但它是不同的。您往往會偶爾遇到錯誤,並且在工作方式上略有不同。此外,安裝和安裝與Windows上的任何內容完全不同。

Overall though I am really happy. I really enjoy working on linux and the more I get used to it the easier I find it to use than windows.


I am developing in a sort of hybrid way - most dev happens in windows on vs2k8 - pretty much because resharper is so awesome. Monodevelop just isn't quite good enough yet. So before I push up changes to EC2 I run it in my local dev env on Ubuntu, once everything works (I inevitably find some way to break mono compatibility) I deploy.

我正在以一種混合方式開發 - 大多數開發都發生在vs2k8上的windows中 - 幾乎是因為resharper非常棒。 Monodevelop還不夠好。所以在我將更改推送到EC2之前,我在Ubuntu上的本地開發環境中運行它,一旦一切正常(我不可避免地找到一些方法來打破單聲道兼容性)我部署。

I am using: StructureMap ASP.NET MVC NHibernate (Fluent) DotNetOpenAuth Moq NBehave

我正在使用:StructureMap ASP.NET MVC NHibernate(流利)DotNetOpenAuth Moq NBehave

In terms of management, well they have a pretty good API and there are a ton of third party tools. As I have been finding my way I have developed a suite of scripts that take care of all the heavy lifting.


Performance is great, I have a medium cpu instance which I think is 5 cores and 2Gb RAM. I am using it to serve web pages index S3 buckets and resize images and so far it hasn't missed a beat.

性能很好,我有一個中等的CPU實例,我認為是5核和2Gb RAM。我用它來服務網頁索引S3桶和調整圖像大小,到目前為止它沒有錯過任何一個節拍。


You could evaluate "Daytona" its Microsoft's implementation of MapReduce on Windows Azure. CPU intensive operations can be performed by scaling them across VM cores on azure.

您可以在Windows Azure上評估其“微軟”MapReduce的“Daytona”。可以通過在azure上跨VM核心擴展它們來執行CPU密集型操作。



You might want to check out AppHarbor. AppHarbor is a .Net PaaS built on top of Amazon. On the one hand you get the portability and infrastructure of Amazon but on the other they provide a number of the rich services that Azure offers such as background tasks & load balancing plus some that it doesn't like 3rd party add-ons, dead-simple deployment and more.

您可能想查看AppHarbor。 AppHarbor是一個建立在亞馬遜之上的.Net PaaS。一方面,您獲得了亞馬遜的可移植性和基礎架構,但另一方面,它們提供了Azure提供的許多豐富服務,例如后台任務和負載平衡以及一些不喜歡第三方附加組件的服務,簡單部署等等。


To my knowledge, Mosso allows full .NET 3.5 applications to be run with their CloudSites package. Is this not what your looking for?

據我所知,Mosso允許使用他們的CloudSites包運行完整的.NET 3.5應用程序。這不是你想要的嗎?



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