[英] Deep link not opening application in iOS

I am using Brach SDK to implement deep linking into our iOS Application. The Branch URL redirects directly to App Store if I am opening from FB, Skype, LinkedIn iOS App. But it redirecting to our app if we are opening from the Whatsapp and Twitter.

我正在使用Brach SDK實現深入鏈接到我們的iOS應用程序。如果我從FB,Skype,LinkedIn iOS App打開,分支URL會直接重定向到App Store。但如果我們從Whatsapp和Twitter開放,它會重定向到我們的應用程序。

I have followed all the steps which is written into this doc and this que. I have followed this answer, the app will be open if it is installed from the App Store/Test Flight/Ad Hoc. I have tried this, but not able to get success into this.

我已經按照寫入此doc和this que的所有步驟進行了操作。我已經按照這個答案,如果它是從App Store / Test Flight / Ad Hoc安裝的,應用程序將會打開。我試過這個,但沒能成功。

- (BOOL)application:(UIApplication *)application continueUserActivity:(NSUserActivity *)userActivity restorationHandler:(void (^)(NSArray *restorableObjects))restorationHandler
    BOOL handledByBranch = [[Branch getInstance] continueUserActivity:userActivity];

    return handledByBranch;

Let me know, I have missed anything to implement this. The Branch URL redirects directly to App Store if I am opening from FB, Skype, LinkedIn iOS App. So How can I open app from this apps via Branch URL..?

讓我知道,我錯過了實現這一點的任何事情。如果我從FB,Skype,LinkedIn iOS App打開,分支URL會直接重定向到App Store。那么我如何通過分支URL從這個應用程序打開應用程序..?

Any help would be appreciated.


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Alex from here: Facebook, Skype, and LinkedIn all do not support Universal Links on iOS. This means it is not possible to launch your app directly from the feed in any of these apps.

來自Branch.io的Alex:Facebook,Skype和LinkedIn都不支持iOS上的Universal Links。這意味着無法直接從任何這些應用中的Feed啟動您的應用。

You'll need to enable the Deepviews feature. This will open a preview of your content in a web view, with a button that your user can click to open the app. It's an extra step, but currently the best option available.




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