AngularJS ng-repeat orderBy錯誤地命令數字

[英]AngularJS ng-repeat orderBy orders numbers incorrectly

I'm having an issue with using the ng-repeat orderBy when there are numbers in text.

當文本中有數字時,我遇到使用ng-repeat orderBy的問題。

Sample Data:

   {booth: 'p1'},
   {booth: 'p2'},
   {booth: 'p3'},
   {booth: 'p4/5'},
   {booth: 'p6/7'},
   {booth: 'p8'},
   {booth: 'p9'},
   {booth: 'p10'},
   {booth: 'p11'},
   {booth: 'p12'},
   {booth: 'p13'}

When using the ng-repeat with the orderBy: 'booth' is list it out as such: p1, p10, p11, p13, p2, ect


I understand this is expected behavior but does anyone know how I can get it to list out the booths in the order that I expect?


Which would be: p1, p2, p3, p4/5, ect

這將是:p1,p2,p3,p4 / 5等

I have also tried seeing if the issue was because the numbers weren't integers but returned the same issue.


Thank you in advance for any help.


1 个解决方案



JavaScript's built-in string comparison won't work for your purposes. I think what is needed is a natural sort, to sort the strings the way a human would. I found a solid implementation here from the blog here. It is pretty comprehensive and fairly complex so I won't try to explain the source code here (check the blog for explanation).


You can then create a custom filter for the natural sort and use in your HTML like:



<div ng-app="myApp">
    <div ng-controller="ctrlMain">
        <div ng-repeat="item in data | naturalSort">{{item.booth}}</div>

Javascript - I've left out the implementation of the sort since it's long and not created by me, but check the demo at the bottom to see it in action.

Javascript - 我已經省略了排序的實現,因為它很長並且不是由我創建的,但請查看底部的演示以查看它的實際效果。

    function naturalSort (a, b) {
        // Please see the demo for this code, it is somewhat long.
    return function(arrInput) {
        var arr = arrInput.sort(function(a, b) {
            return naturalSort(a.booth,b.booth);
        return arr;

The sort implementation in the demo below covers various possibilities (date, hex values, whitespace) that could be used in many situations (though it may be a little overkill for your example).


Here is a demo




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