jQuery UI選項卡 - 如何在懸停上選擇選項卡

[英]jQuery UI Tabs - How to Select a Tab on Hover

Using the jQuery UI Tabs component, is it possible to select new tabs on hover instead of when clicking on them?

使用jQuery UI Tabs組件,是否可以在懸停時選擇新選項卡而不是單擊它們?

I found an example here, but this does not seem to work with the latest (stable) versions of jQuery and jQuery UI tabs.

我在這里找到了一個例子,但這似乎不適用於最新(穩定)版本的jQuery和jQuery UI選項卡。

Finally, one of the developers mentions that this will be an option in Tabs 3, which has since been released, but I cannot find any mention of it in the API.

最后,其中一位開發人員提到這將是Tabs 3中的一個選項,該選項已經發布,但我在API中找不到它。

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demo here Its running with 1.6rc4 which I consider as stable as any other of the ui releases!




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