Codegear RAD Studio幫助系統已損壞

[英]Codegear RAD Studio help system is corrupted

I've been using Codegear RAD Studio for a over a year now but since the "May08 Help Update" the help system no longer works. If I open the help the contents pane is entirely blank. If I hit F1 I get the following error: "Unable to interpret the specified HxC file."

我一直在使用Codegear RAD Studio超過一年,但自“May08幫助更新”以來,幫助系統已不再適用。如果我打開幫助,則內容窗格完全空白。如果我點擊F1,我會收到以下錯誤:“無法解釋指定的HxC文件。”

I've searched for the answer using search engines and the Codegear forums but so far nothing seems to fix the problem. I'd rather not do a full reinstall if possible. Has anyone else experienced this issue and know how to fix it?


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It sounds like you need to do a complete uninstall/reinstall. Alas.


Be sure to check for the latest in Delphi help. On that site you can also download the Delphi 2007 help in various forms, including PDF and CHM.

請務必訪問http://docs.codegear.com以獲取最新的Delphi幫助。在該站點上,您還可以下載各種形式的Delphi 2007幫助,包括PDF和CHM。



You probably got a corrupted file from the download. I would try download again and reinstall the help.




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