Fabric Javascript SDK和Hyperledger Composer之间有什么功能差异?

[英]What are the functional differences between Fabric Javascript SDK and Hyperledger Composer?

Other than the fact that Composer makes deployment and testing of prototype business networks easier and the fact that we don't have to know golang to develop chaincode, what is the difference in the functionalities that these interfaces provide that may lead one to choose one over the other?


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This article can probably provide you with the answers you need:




Hyperledger Composer is both an application development framework and set of powerful tools which simplifies and expedites the creation of blockchain applications and smart contracts that are ultimately executed on the Hyperledger Fabric blockchain. Composer has its own runtime, that is generic chaincode and hosts and interprets the business network deployed - so your smart contract need only use Javascript, not chaincode in Go a (which is Fabric's domain) s you mentioned. It also has a modeling facility to create your business network model and to define such controls as Access Control lists and queries to be executed.

Hyperledger Composer既是一个应用程序开发框架,也是一套功能强大的工具,可以简化和加快区块链应用程序和智能合约的创建,最终在Hyperledger Fabric区块链上执行。 Composer有自己的运行时,即通用链代码,托管并解释部署的业务网络 - 因此您的智能合约只需要使用Javascript,而不是您提到的Go a(Fabric的域)中的链代码。它还具有一个建模工具,用于创建业务网络模型并将此类控件定义为要执行的访问控制列表和查询。

This architecture link should help you with further understanding -> https://www.slideshare.net/SimonStone8/hyperledger-composer-architecture

这个架构链接应该可以帮助您进一步理解 - > https://www.slideshare.net/SimonStone8/hyperledger-composer-architecture

Furthermore see the Hyperledger Composer docs, see here:

此外,请参阅Hyperledger Composer文档,请参阅此处:



TO see the Hyperledger Fabric docs - see here:

要查看Hyperledger Fabric文档 - 请参阅此处:





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