Flex / Actionscript应用程序的映射API?

[英]Mapping API for Flex/Actionscript application?

I'm working on an application in Flex will utilize mapping features. I have experience with the Google Maps API in Flex, but it seems sort of limited to me (as compared to other APIs and the Javascript API). In particular, I'm interested in developing some clustering (grouping places together to prevent too many points from being on the map at once, slowing rendering). I'm wondering if anyone has any recommendations on which API to use/look into, and perhaps which APIs have features unique to them. I think visually some of the other providers have "nicer looking" maps as well. What I'm checking now:

我正在使用Flex中的应用程序来利用映射功能。我有使用Flex中的Google Maps API的经验,但它似乎仅限于我(与其他API和Javascript API相比)。特别是,我有兴趣开发一些聚类(将位置组合在一起以防止过多的点同时出现在地图上,从而减慢渲染速度)。我想知道是否有人建议使用/查看哪个API,以及哪些API具有独特的功能。我认为其他一些提供商在视觉上也有“看起来更漂亮”的地图。我现在正在检查的内容:

Google Maps API

Google Maps API

Have a lot of familiarity, but might be missing some key features.


Yahoo Maps API

Yahoo Maps API

Don't know a lot about it. Seems to handle a lot of markers very well. Looks really nice visually. 50K requests per day for free is less than google.



I've had my eye on this for awhile. Seems really robust. Great samples index. Also seems to autoscale markers based on the zoom depth. They also seems to have a lot of data-based maps you can access.


MapQuest API

Looks to have great docs and features. Noteable are the "decluttering" and I think it has clustering.


Going through this awesome list right now, but I'd love to know if any of you Flex (or other lang!) devs have any experience with mapping and would like to give some advice.


2 个解决方案


We are using Flex Maps by Igor Costa. It lets you use Nokia Here Maps or Bing Maps.

我们正在使用Igor Costa的Flex Maps。它允许您使用诺基亚Here Maps或Bing Maps。

It is based on ModestMaps AS3 and you can personalize your markers or polygon overlays.

它基于ModestMaps AS3,您可以个性化您的标记或多边形叠加。

It also works on mobile devices using Adobe AIR SDK.

它也适用于使用Adobe AIR SDK的移动设备。

I hope this component will be added to the Apache Flex SDK as a map component.

我希望这个组件将作为地图组件添加到Apache Flex SDK中。


There is also good Flash API UMapper. Look at their site http://www.umapper.com/pages/products/#umap

还有很好的Flash API UMapper。看看他们的网站http://www.umapper.com/pages/products/#umap

They allows you to use many map providers, like MS, Yahoo, Google, Cloudmade, OpenStreetMap, ESRI, Digital Globe.

它们允许您使用许多地图提供程序,如MS,Yahoo,Google,Cloudmade,OpenStreetMap,ESRI,Digital Globe。



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