[英]IE10 does not process jquery file upload request

I have a strange problem on my Win 8 / ie10 machine. I'm posting my files with the jquery fileupload plugin to an MVC 4 controller method.

我的Win 8 / ie10机器上有一个奇怪的问题。我将带有jquery fileupload插件的文件发布到MVC 4控制器方法。

        dataType: 'json',
        url: baseUrl + "/Profile/UploadImage",
        done: function (e, data) {
            var r = data.result;
            if (r.success) {
                if (jcrop_api)

                $('#previewImage').attr('src', '');

This works great in chrome but when I tried it in IE10 today it started the request but never returned. The MVC Controller method is never hit. There are no errors in the F12 console of IE10. The network tab in the IE console lists the request as pending. Are there any known problems at the moment?

这在chrome中效果很好但是当我今天在IE10中尝试它时它启动了请求但从未返回。 MVC控制器方法永远不会被击中。 IE10的F12控制台没有错误。 IE控制台中的网络选项卡将请求列为待处理。目前是否有任何已知问题?

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I had this problem to. In my case, I was using the response content-type "application/json" which doesn't seem to be supported by IE.

我有这个问题。在我的情况下,我使用的响应内容类型“application / json”似乎不受IE支持。

Changing it to "text/plain" did the trick for me.

将它改为“text / plain”对我来说是个窍门。



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