任何人都有开发Google Android设备的印象,提示和教程?

[英]Anyone have any impressions, hints, tutorials from developing for Google Android devices?

I have a T-Mobile G1 and I'm going to download the developer SDK and see if I can create a few simple apps for my phone. If you've done similar development, please answer below and tell me about your experience. Please share any links you found especially useful.

我有一个T-Mobile G1,我将下载开发人员SDK,看看我是否可以为我的手机创建一些简单的应用程序。如果您已完成类似的开发,请在下面回答并告诉我您的体验。请分享您发现的任何特别有用的链接。

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I didn't find the SDK documents to be all that helpful, at least at first. What really got be started was looking through the example chapters of The Busy Coder's Guide to Android from CommonsWare. You can find this on the book's website. The code examples for the book are also provided at that link.

我发现SDK文档并没有那么有用,至少在开始时是这样。真正开始的是从CommonsWare查看The Busy Coder的Android指南的示例章节。你可以在这本书的网站上找到这个。该链接还提供了该书的代码示例。

The example code provided in those examples, plus the example code included in the SDK gave me a good idea of where to start. I'm still not totally solid on a lot of things, but development is going a lot faster than it was beforehand.


One thing you definitely want to be sure you do is watch the videos provided by Google. The application life cycle for Android is much different than a traditional application, so you want to make sure you understand was Intents, Views, and Content Providers are. These videos can all be seen on YouTube in this playlist.

您确定要做的一件事就是观看Google提供的视频。 Android的应用程序生命周期与传统应用程序有很大不同,因此您需要确保您了解Intent,Views和Content Providers。这些视频都可以在此播放列表中的YouTube上看到。

The last helpful resource I can point you to is the blogging community. Every now and then, Planet Android and Hello Android have code excerpts from the blogs they aggregate. Jeffrey Sharkey is big into Android development and has released some useful code on his blog.

我可以指出的最后一个有用的资源是博客社区。 Planet Android和Hello Android不时会收集他们汇总的博客的代码摘录。 Jeffrey Sharkey非常注重Android开发,并在他的博客上发布了一些有用的代码。

Android development currently is much like shooting in the dark, but it will hopefully take off soon and provide us with more valuable resources! I know there are a few books out there. Good luck!




I started from here



I got my environment and emulator up and running within about 15 minutes.


First impressions are its fun to work with.





The biggest thing I recommend is to make sure you really understand the lifecycle of android apps. Many apps are put out there which crash or perform badly (or make the entire phone run poorly) because they are not designed to follow the application lifecycle properly.


For simple apps it's nothing to worry about but soon you might want to run something in the background (play music, etc), or need to save your state if the user switches apps. It's tricky but makes sense once you see some examples.


You might also check out some of the Android sessions from the Google I/O developer conference in May:

您还可以在5月份的Google I / O开发者大会上查看一些Android会话:



I found the notepad tutorial extremely helpful in understanding the basics.




I'm also beginning to get my feet wet with android development. Honestly, I think some of the books out there do a pretty good job of explaining the development framework and getting you started with using the tools quickly. Some of the books I'm reading include "Teach Yourself Android Application Development in 24 Hours" (obviously the title is an exaggeration; the book is just organized into hours. Each hour will take some time for a beginner), "Hello, Android: Introducing Google's Mobile Development Platform (3rd edition)", and "Beginning Android 2." From my, so far, limited experience, developing using the SDK is accessible and enjoyable. That being said, you really need to commit the time/energy to get up to speed.

我也开始尝试使用android开发。老实说,我认为那里的一些书很好地解释了开发框架并让你开始快速使用这些工具。我正在阅读的一些书籍包括“24小时自学Android应用程序开发”(显然标题是夸张的;这本书只分为几个小时。每个小时需要一些时间给初学者),“你好,Android :推出谷歌移动开发平台(第3版)“和”初学Android 2“。从我到目前为止,有限的经验来看,使用SDK进行开发是可访问和愉快的。话虽如此,你真的需要投入时间/精力来加快速度。



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