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1 ubuntu8.1中,g++-4.1或其他版本无法找到size_t。 - size_t can not be found by g++-4.1 or others on Ubuntu 8.1
2009年07月10 - This has happened before to me, but I can't remember how I fixed it. 这事以前发生过,但我不记得是怎么修好的。 I can't compile some programs here on a new Ubuntu
2 不能更改tomcat 7堆大小吗 - Can't change tomcat 7 heap size
2011年06月18 - ="-Xms512m -Xmx1024m" then stopped and started the tomcat. but when tried to get the heap size using the command jmap -heap , i can notice that the memory
3 仍然无法在ubuntu上安装pygame - Still can't install pygame on ubuntu
2015年01月11 - ; ^ compilation terminated. error: command 'i686-linux-gnu-gcc' failed with exit status 1
4 解决在ubuntu上Qt creator提示unicore32-linux-g++:Command not found
2013年04月15 - QtCreator 4.8.3新建工程文件,build all 工程文件提示:unicore32-linux-g++:Command not found 的问题终于解决了记录下来。1. 在tools-options-build&run 的Qt Versions 添加
5 有些命令确实运行PHP exec()其他命令没有,我怎样才能避免/修复这个? - Some commands do run with PHP exec() others don't, how can I avoid/fix this?
2014年09月29 - Server is CentOS, I don't have root access. 服务器是CentOS,我没有root访问权限。 I can run exec() without problem with pngquant but not with ImageMagick's
6 不能让节点。js ubuntu 13.10 - Can't make node.js ubuntu 13.10
2014年02月04 - : 我在尝试安装节点。我已经克隆了repo并配置它。然而,当我运行时,我得到了这个荒谬无限循环的错误: make -C out BUILDTYPE=Release V=1 make[1]: Entering directory `/home/ubuntu/nodejs/node/out' g
7 为什么我不能在Ubuntu中使用wget获得这个页面? - Why can't I get this page using wget in Ubuntu?
2010年12月05 - 。 But if I using wget, or under Ubuntu desktop with Chrome or Firefox, I can't get any things. 但是如果我使用wget,或者在Ubuntu桌面下使用Chrome或Firefox,我什么都得不到。 Like
8 AWS ubuntu实例无法到达全世界 - AWS ubuntu instance can't reach the world
2015年01月02 - I created a new ubuntu instance in AWS, I can ssh connect to it successfully. However when I try to install packages using this command, it won't
9 AWS supervisor spawnerr:在Ubuntu上找不到命令 - AWS supervisor spawnerr: can't find command on Ubuntu
2013年11月29 - , that are different for amazon instances Am I doing something wrong? Thanks 但是,当我在亚马逊上切换到相同的Ubuntu设置时,我的主管无法找到命令我猜测它因为根设置等,这对于亚马逊实例是不同的我做错了什么?谢谢 INFO spawnerr: can't
10 我无法通过g_hash_table_look_up()获得结果 - I can't get the result with g_hash_table_look_up()
2013年08月17 - "); hash_list = g_hash_table_new(g_str_hash, g_direct_equal); ///create my hashtable g_hash_table_insert(tcp_stream_list, str1, "ssssssssssssssss"); ///insert

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