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1 ubuntu8.1中,g++-4.1或其他版本无法找到size_t。 - size_t can not be found by g++-4.1 or others on Ubuntu 8.1
2009年07月10 - This has happened before to me, but I can't remember how I fixed it. 这事以前发生过,但我不记得是怎么修好的。 I can't compile some programs here on a new Ubuntu
2 size_type是否可以大于std::size_t? - Can a size_type ever be larger than std::size_t?
2012年09月19 - objects whose size cannot be represented by a size_t? In other words, can a size_type ever be larger than size_t? 带有std::分配器的标准容器的size_type定义为std::size_t
3 为什么不能libcudart.so。在Ubuntu下编译CUDA样本时,你会发现吗? - Why can't libcudart.so.4 be found when compiling the CUDA samples under Ubuntu?
2012年05月30 - shared libraries: libcudart.so.4: cannot open shared object file: No such file or directory Why can I compile
4 不能找到GLEW函数。 - GLEW functions can't be found
2013年03月27 - such as glGenRenderbuffer. I have a very similar structure set up under Windows but can't get it to work on Linux. 我在Ubuntu上,用OpenGL, GLEW和GLFW写一个应用程序。我使用Eclipse作为IDE,在尝试使用
5 “sizeof”*真的*评估为“std: size_t”吗?可以吗? - Does `sizeof` *really* evaluate to a `std::size_t`? Can it?
2013年12月27 - the size in bytes of any object. [c++ 11: 18.2/6]: size_t是一个实现定义的无符号整数类型,其大小足以包含任何对象的字节大小。 Granted, the passage doesn't require that size_t is a type
6 size_t是单词size吗? - Is size_t the word size?
2013年02月09 - Is size_t the word size of the machine that compiled the code? size_t是编译代码的机器的字大小吗? Parsing with g++, my compiler views size_t as an long unsigned
7 为什么g++不能找到iostream。h? - Why can't g++ find iostream.h?
2012年10月27 - I'm trying to understand how to compile C++ programs from the command line using g++ and (eventually) Clang on Ubuntu. 我正在尝试理解如何使用g++和(最终)Clang
8 VS2013:无法从一个size_t元素创建向量 - VS2013: Can't create vector from one size_t element
2015年05月29 - : std::vector<size_t> a({1, 2}); // works std::vector<size_t> b({1}); // does not work std::vector<int> c({1}); // works Error: 错误
9 为什么size_t重要?
2016年05月05 - );   memcpy和strlen的申明应该出现在中: void *memcpy(void *s1, void const *s2, size_t n);size_t strlen(char const *s);   size_t还经常出现在C++标准库中,此外,C++库中经常会使用一个相似的类型
10 有人能解释为什么在示例中使用size_t类型吗? - can anyone explain why size_t type is used with an example?
2012年03月10 - I was wondering why this size_t is used where I can use say int type. Its said that size_t is a return type of sizeof operator. What does it mean

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