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1 ubuntu8.1中,g++-4.1或其他版本无法找到size_t。 - size_t can not be found by g++-4.1 or others on Ubuntu 8.1
2009年07月10 - This has happened before to me, but I can't remember how I fixed it. 这事以前发生过,但我不记得是怎么修好的。 I can't compile some programs here on a new Ubuntu
2 centos g c exception:this most likely means the gm/convert binaries can't be found
2017年08月01 - " "-ping" "-format" "%wx%h" "/mnt/data/static/tmp/upload_54ac1f78f289e1361ebf1263c4fcf9e1" this most likely means the gm/convert binaries can't be found
3 size_type是否可以大于std::size_t? - Can a size_type ever be larger than std::size_t?
2012年09月19 - objects whose size cannot be represented by a size_t? In other words, can a size_type ever be larger than size_t? 带有std::分配器的标准容器的size_type定义为std::size_t
4 wordpress Oops! That page cant be found.
2015年07月07 - 1、wordpress后台发布博客时如果有中文标题,那么在访问这篇博客时会出错。。wordpress Oops! That page cant be found. 2、这是因为定义访问路径时有中文,在wordpress设置-->固定链接中,默认是自定义结构,而且自定义结构中会默认
5 ubuntu 12.04 eclipse 报 program g++ not found in path
2014年01月07 - 最近在ubuntu·系统中使用eclipse 编写c++ ,一直报 program g++ not found in path 错误,在网上各种找,最终找到解决办法。 1首先确认是否安装了gcc 与g++ 2.安装了以后查看eclipse 的window--》preference--
6 不能找到GLEW函数。 - GLEW functions can't be found
2013年03月27 - such as glGenRenderbuffer. I have a very similar structure set up under Windows but can't get it to work on Linux. 我在Ubuntu上,用OpenGL, GLEW和GLFW写一个应用程序。我使用Eclipse作为IDE,在尝试使用
7 为什么我的程序不能使用整数7和9,而是所有其他程序? - Why can't my program work with the integers 7 and 9, but all others?
2015年06月03 - I have pinpointed the error to the make_barcode function, and the gc_cont function, but can't figure it out. Also, I'm not sure if i'm using
8 secure CRT can't connects to Ubuntu and Ubuntu can't connets to Internet
2016年01月16 - 1. not correct setting on VMWare 'edit/virtual network editor' if sercure CRT or cute ftp can't connets to ubuntu, check 'edit/virtual network
9 为什么不能libcudart.so。在Ubuntu下编译CUDA样本时,你会发现吗? - Why can't libcudart.so.4 be found when compiling the CUDA samples under Ubuntu?
2012年05月30 - shared libraries: libcudart.so.4: cannot open shared object file: No such file or directory Why can I compile
10 KDevelop不能在ubuntu中调试吗? - KDevelop can't debug in ubuntu?
2014年10月07 - 。KDevelop只是显示“****** ****** ****** ****** ****** ****** ****** ****** *我不太清楚这是什么问题? Looks Like I can't debug. 看起来我无法调试。 And I can't see the print. 我看不到打印

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