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I have an iOS app created with Cordova, and have just paid my $99 to apple to upload it to the App Store. I've created the app archive, but in the Organizer Upload to App Store… is grayed out, and I've got "Distribution requires enrollment in the Apple Developer Program."

我有一个用Cordova创建的iOS应用程序,刚刚向苹果支付了99美元,将其上传到App Store。我已经创建了应用程序存档,但是在管理器上传到App Store中...显示为灰色,我有“分发需要在Apple开发人员计划中注册”。

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Here is my account in preferences, which I have tried removing and re-adding


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What am I missing?


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I see you have two Team entries. I believe the issue might be because you have the "Personal Team" option selected under your Project settings page.


In Xcode, in the Filesystem sidebar, select the Project node, select your main Target, and choose the non-Personal Team entry. Ensure you have a device selected so you can provision it, then rebuild and rearchive, then it should work.

在Xcode中,在Filesystem侧栏中,选择Project节点,选择主Target,然后选择非Personal Team条目。确保您选择了一个设备,以便进行配置,然后重建和重新归档,然后它应该可以正常工作。



What happened to work for me was to "Enable Bitcode: Yes" under Build Options in my project target in Xcode. With that enabled I was able to upload to app store via the Application Loader.

为我工作的是在Xcode中我的项目目标中的Build Options下的“Enable Bitcode:Yes”。启用后,我可以通过Application Loader上传到app store。

I had to archive the project and export with bitcode attached.


I know this is way past the time for the original post, but hopefully it can help someone looking for a similar solution.




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