ConfigurationManager读取错误的文件 - Web.config而不是App.config

[英]ConfigurationManager reading wrong file - Web.config instead of App.config

I was working on ASP.NET MVC project and decided to extract some functionality to a separate class library project (in the same solution).

我正在研究ASP.NET MVC项目,并决定将一些功能提取到一个单独的类库项目(在同一个解决方案中)。

I moved some of the elements in <appSettings></appSettings> from Web.config in main project (let's call it project A) to App.config in class library project (let's call it project B). I added a reference to System.Configuration.dll to access the ConfigurationManager in project B.

我将 中的一些元素从主项目中的Web.config(让我们称之为项目A)移动到类库项目中的App.config(让我们称之为项目B)。我添加了对System.Configuration.dll的引用以访问项目B中的ConfigurationManager。

Sample App.config file is for project B is below.


<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8" ?>
    <add key="Key1" value="Value1"/>
    <add key="Key2" value="Value2"/>

I access these settings as follows (in project B).


string key1 = ConfigurationManager.AppSettings["Key1"];
string key2 = ConfigurationManager.AppSettings["Key2"];

I noticed that the values for key1 and key2 returned by ConfigurationManager are null.


When debugging I see that ConfigurationManager pull values from the original Web.config in project A (the other entires in <appsettings></appsettings> section that I did not move to project B)!

在调试时,我看到ConfigurationManager从项目A中的原始Web.config中拉出值(另一个在 部分中,我没有移动到项目B)!

This does not make any sense to me. Could someone tell me what I am doing wrong, so I could access settings in App.config?




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App.config that resides in a Class Library project would not be loaded (at least not without extra effort), the only configuration loaded by the framework is the Client configuration (i.e the Web.config of a project that references and uses your Class Library).

不会加载驻留在类库项目中的App.config(至少不需要额外的努力),框架加载的唯一配置是客户端配置(即引用和使用类库的项目的Web.config) )。

See this answer for possible solutions.




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